Designed for the Modern Church

Preminence was conceptualized, designed, and built here in Kenya following consultations with church leaders like you. We have features that supplement the way you work and continue to add more to put church services almost in your pocket.

The complementary modules

Our modules are designed to empower all religious organizations regardless of their sizes.

Members Relationship Management

Move to more than ministering to your church members, upgrade to an advance system for monitoring your members and church groups while fostering personalized relationships.

Spiritual and Publicity Management Tools

Move beyond recording sermons and sharing them on YouTube to incorporating sermon notes, and promoting them to your members and on social media platforms.

Finance Management

Rethink your financial and accounting management from spreadsheets to portable and advanced tithing, budgeting, pledges, and performance measurement tools for your church.

Attendance and Events Management

Keep records of attendance in your church broken down into groups and monitor growth with powerful performance measurement tools to help you detect changes.

All the value for you

Preminence allows church leaders to delegate duties to relevant individuals for efficiency

Financial Management

Keep clean records of all the financial transactions at the church powered by powerful graphs for planning and reference reasons

Donations and Giving

Collect donations, offering, and tithes remotely, through any of your preferred payment gateway including credit card, PayPal, or M-pesa.

Sermon Management

Create and share your sermons in either video, notes, or audio formats to nurture souls in the course of the week.


Send messages and emails to different groups and individuals of your church with more ease and convenience

Seminar and Events

Create and share events and seminar notices with your people and the public as they come.

Prayer request

Preminence empowers the congregation to send prayer requests, which creates a stronger connection with the audience.

Groups management

Manage and keep records of different groups in your church such as youths, adults, staff, departments, and children.

Blogs and news

Create articles and news on an array of topics about your the church and contemporary issues including spiritual opinions

Role Delegation

Allow church members to register in the system but assign them roles on what they can publish, view, or edit.

Budgeting Tools

You can easily create a budget for your church through the Preminence Software and monitor how your budgets perform over the assigned period.

Corporate emails

Preminence allows your church to have corporate emails for key members of your church through which official communication can be made


Customize how you share devotional messages, guidance and counselling with your church members through custom personalization tools.

Much More to Come

When we say that the church only needs one software for all its needs, we meet it. Tons of features are scheduled in coming days with at least two upgrades per month.

Ecommerce for Churches

Boost your church funding with custom eCommerce tools for selling church-centered creative products. Save your church from declining finances and empower your philanthropic activities.

Custom Module

Worship Management

Instill the spirit of preparedness in your Worship team and remove guesswork in worship sessions with our worship management and coordination tools.

Coming Soon

Volunteer Management

Invite volunteers to your social projects, charity activities, and spiritual missions. Get a single platform to manage all your volunteers and supporters in your gospel and social works.

Coming Soon

Human Resource Management

Elevate your support staff in the church by optimizing human resource activities, payrolls, and duty scheduling using our HR management modules.

Coming Soon

We have your best
interests at heart

End-to-end encryption

Prominence is enterprise-grade security powered by end-to-end cloud encryption to ensure that all your information is secure.

Admin Dashboard

Preminence features an intuitive dashboard that facilitates dynamic management of all resources and the website

SEO Configurations

While we integrate Preminence with search engines for public visibility, we ensure that only the front website is crawlable.

Access from all screens

Preminence is designed to be accessed from any devices conveniently to keep leaders in touch with the church.

Support and customization

We provide FREE customization to fine tune the system to your church alongside full support for using Preminence.

Continuous Updates

We roll out feature updates each month in line with our strong belief in the digital empowerment of the church.

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