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What does your church website say about you?

Last month, l moved to a new town and decided to look for a church I could be attending for my spiritual nourishing. I did …


The reason why purple is the main color of Lent

It has become a tradition for priests of the Roman Rite to wear frock of the color violet or purple during the repentance season of …


Tips for preparing your church for Easter Sunday

Just the other day we were taking down the Christmas tree and now we are halfway through March and to Easter Sunday. This is one …


How to engage with visitors in your church on Easter Sunday

As we approach the Easter season, you may notice a crazy spike in your church attendance with new and old Easter visitors on Easter Sunday. …

streach church online during coronavirus

What to do with live sermon broadcasts after streaming them

It is not enough to stream your sermons on social media. What your church does with the broadcasts after streaming is very important. It is important for the church to find a way to use the broadcast.

Church in Kenya and COVID-19

COVID-19 and the Church – Lessons for the Church in Kenya

The COVID-19 pandemic presents the church in Kenya with an opportunity to reflect on operations and how church-member relationships are built and molded.

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