About us

Preminence is derived from the word Preeminence as found in Colossians 1:18. The scripture underscore that Jesus is supreme to all things. Our goal is to make the church supreme to the world by using technology. We believe that with the right tools, the church can overcome the secular voice that has nearly deafened the voice of believers.

When we were conceptualizing Preminence back in early 2018, we wanted to achieve three objectives with one solution. We wanted to; promote administrative efficiency, boost funds and giving in the church, and foster personalization in spiritual mentorship and church affairs. We are driven by these goals because we believe that technology is God-given and should therefore be used to serve the Lord.

We build Preminence from scratch as a digital tool for promoting digital communication in the church in a manner that does not add to the present workload that our church leaders have. Building custom software can be tedious and expensive for the churches which is why we were determined deliver unique, excellent software for all while enabling the church to cut digitalization costs.

The Preminence is presently in Version 5 and we continue to build and it by adding new features and functionalities to support our clients and to achieve our underlying goals. Collaboration with our clients has enabled us to build the solutions as custom as possible to the local church and having all churches in mind.

Our Story

The Preminence Project was initially conceived in 2017, a time when Bien, the company founder, suffered from a painful swelling on his feet that affected his mobility so much so he could barely wear shoes and move around freely.

The challenge of attending Sunday services and fellowship with fellow believers led Bien to the discovery that there was no way through which he could keep in touch with his church to get a glimpse of announcements, Sunday preaching, and even make a contribution.This is how Preminence was started. Continued research showed that digital problems in the church were more than communication, which has helped in continually developing Preminence. 

Our Driving Force

We want to empower the church to play its role in the society more efficiently. Communication technology in the secular world has moved faster in the past than it has in the church like. We believe this should not be the case. We believe the church should have better communication technology that rivals the outside world. The church is the pillar of hope and morality in the society and should always be in a position to influence the world positively.

The church should be in a better position to fight the evils of our society and mental health issues some of which arise from the technology in the secular world. This is why we started and are continuing to build Preminence, what we like to call, The Preminence Project. Preminence is designed to empower the church in moving the glorious gospel in as much the speed not to catch with the secular message, but to overtake it with the good news of hope.

The Company

Preminence Technologies Limited is a registered limited liability Company under the Companies Act in Kenya. Preminence provides technology solutions to churches and not-for-profit organizations with a single goal of elevating and supporting their work through technology.

Our Vision

We aim to help the church and charitable organizations leverage all modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning for efficiency in the way they work. 

Our Mission

We are on a mission to building a platform on which spiritual and charity activities in East Africa will be handled and promoted by churches and civilian philanthropists.  

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