A modern church software designed to meet modern church needs.

Preminence helps the church to bring believers (both leaders and members) together to promote stronger relationships in church affairs. Preminence is designed to foster personalization for better spiritual mentorship.

What is Preminence?

Preminence is a members relationship management solution that brings together believers and leaders in the church. Preminence is an integrated platform that brings together all church departments and functions — including evangelism, finance, human resource, IT (church website) and events organizing— into a single software for management efficiency.

Build a Stronger Community of Believers

When the world only sees a church, we see more. We a family, a community of believers. Preminence is for promoting togetherness, compassion, giving, and spiritual growth in the church. Preminence is out to empower both spiritual leaders and believers.

Integration for Simplicity

Preminence is integrated with the church website for easier communication and digital evangelism.

Customized for You

Preminence is customized to fit how your church operates including hosting it on a custom server and unique domain name for your church

Preminence is your digital partner

Preminence Management System is an ongoing project devoted to giving churches a seamless digital experience.

All our partners get to enjoy future updates and system upgrades on the go powered by modern technologies.

We believer keeping the church up-to-date with tech advancements for the uncertain future should be effortless.

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